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This page is more ABOUT YOU with shower or water leak issues that you may be encountering.

Firstly if your shower is leaking then we will gauge whether the shower base and walls are in a stable condition suitable for our shower sealing process. Provided that your shower tiles are not cracked, loose or drummy and the shower walls and floor do not show evidence of excessive movement then your shower may be suitable to seal.

Older style homes-

Older homes with brick and cement construction were built to last and rate well when it comes to suitability for shower sealing. Showers containing mosaic floors rate poorly for shower sealing as the floor grout becomes porous and impossible to replace due to the volume of grout joints without damage or lifting of tiles.

More modern homes-

Many homes built in the past 15-20 years contain a considerable amount of building movement due to materials used today. In particular the bathroom floor region and this is due to the floors being built on top of PARTICLE BOARD and in a growing amount of jobs we attend the shower walls have been tiled over GYPROCK instead of fibrous cement sheeting!! The results become disastrous for home owners as our photos show (click here) what happens when shower and bathroom leaks seep through tiles and enter chipboard flooring and into gyprock walls…… NIGHTMARE.

We will only seal your shower if we are 100% sure sealing will work successfully long term. With our expertise and vast experience in the ever-competitive shower repair industry we can confidently say that only 20%-30% of leaking showers can be sealed successfully on the surface without removing tiles and installing a flexible waterproof membrane. Remember shower sealing is not for everybody so don’t be fooled by offers of long term no leak Product Warranties as they generally contain building movement get out clauses which renders your warranty void. Don’t become another statistic of a so called Product Warranty and be sure to take the correct advice from experienced shower leak professionals who have you in mind to stop your shower or bathroom leaks long term.

Carpets damp? Timbers swelling? Paint peeling? No problems we have the answers and repair solutions to solve all leaking shower issues and associated damaged areas.

Balcony Leaks-

If you have a balcony or practically any external area that leaks into your home then no problems as we will have a solution to repair that leak long term. Remember as with bathroom and shower leaks don’t be fooled by offers of Product Warranties as applying sealers, epoxies and grouts is generally a short term remedy.

Our genuine 10 year no leak warranty on balcony repairs means 10 YEAR NO LEAK WARRANTY… no excuses, no hidden get out clauses just quality long lasting repairs that will hold up to our harsh Australian climate.

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