How To Know If You Have A Leaking Shower

A leaking shower is one of the most common plumbing problems that people encounter. Yet, a lot of people encounter it without even knowing about it. This is because there is a lacking of knowledge on the common indications of a leaking shower. What about you? Do you have a leaking shower at home? Here are some warning signs that you need to take care of:

Mould and mildew



Bathroom cleanliness and maintenance is something that people should always prioritize. But no matter how often you clean your bathroom, mould and mildew would still appear especially if there is still a hidden water leak. Wherever there is moisture, there is mould. It thrives in dark, moist areas like within the wall or under the shower area flooring. These are the areas that are automatically affected whenever there is a pipe leak. Indeed, it is normal for a little mould to accumulate on the shower corners or walls but too much of these can be an indication of water leakage. Mould will continue to grow as long as you do not find the leak and have it fixed.

Paint and wallpaper bubbling

Observe the pain on your walls. Are they damaged in any way? There are a number of clues which indicate that the paint has been reached by water. If the paint is bubbling then that is a sign that water and moisture has gotten between the paint and the wall. Eventually, once too much water gets in the way, paint chips would simply pop off the wall and fall into the ground. The same thing can occur with wallpaper. Water is powerful enough to make wallpaper less sticky. Wallpaper that is affected by water leaks would simply fall off.

Damaged walls

You should also check if your walls are damaged. Check for staining first. If you think that the stains have appeared for no obvious reason, then they probably appeared because of shower leaks. Leaks leave their stain on the walls after all. Also, you have to check if the walls are damaged or warped in some way. Wall damage can be a great indication of shower leaks especially when it comes to dry walls. Dry wall, once it is exposed to moisture can lose its strength. It would eventually become soft and would show some signs of bubbling. Drywall that has been damaged because of a leak definitely has to be replaced.

Damaged flooring

Aside from damaged floors, damaged flooring can also be an indication of a leak. Bathroom floors are built to withstand water. But it can get damaged once water gets into an area where it is not supposed to be – that area is beneath the floor. The water beneath the bathroom floor might have come from a pipe somewhere or it could have come from another area surrounding the bathroom. You can know that your bathroom floor has been damaged by leaked water if it starts to feel soft or a little spongy. If your bathroom floor is made out of tiles then these might start to lose their adhesiveness.

Damaged ceiling

A damaged ceiling can also be an indication of a leak. If your bathroom is situated in the second floor or other higher floors, check the room beneath it. What do you see? Do you see some water lines coming from a certain area? Is the ceiling stained for no apparent reason? Stains that are caused by leaks are usually dark brown in colour. Probably the worst thing that can happen is for your ceiling to sag because of the heavy water above it. You do not want water to simply break out of your ceiling soon, do you? That is why you need to make sure that your leak is repaired as soon as possible.

Strong bad odour

A strong bad odour can also be an indication of a leaky shower. This is because accumulated water from a leaky pipe has the tendency to smell. Water can travel far distances and you should not be surprised if it can even get to your ceiling. Once water coming from leaky pipes gets anywhere within your shower area gets to your walls, floors, or ceiling, there is a very huge chance that the area would smell. Water associated with leaks has a pungent, earthly smell. It cannot be removed even if you clean your bathroom over and over again since it is situated somewhere it cannot be dried. And as time passes by, the bad scent can grow stronger and stronger. Because of this, most people cannot bear with having a leaking shower at home.

These are the common indications of a leaking shower. If you have that problem, then contact Affordable Shower Repairs. Not only are our services affordable but they are also high quality. Contact us today!